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Learn to surf in Huntington Beach

Caliblu has only the finest surf instructors in Huntington Beach with decades of experience teaching first-time surfers how to ride waves! Caliblu surf school instructors are all experienced surfers with vast ocean knowledge, surfing experience and all have traveled the world and surfed a wide variety of destinations and conditions. This experience allows our instructors to give to you the best surf lesson possible! Find the perfect instructor for you and book a surf lesson today!

Reggie Chavez


Reggie has loved the ocean his entire life. An avid surfer for over three decades, Reggie turned his passion into a part-time job as an instructor in SoCal for almost a decade. 

He has always said, "I just wanted a job where sandals were part of my uniform."

As fate would have it, Reggie would be teamed up with Ray Morquecho (fellow Co-Founder of Caliblu) at a local restaurant where they both bartended. After giving Ray his first surf lesson, the two sat down for lunch at a local taco spot and Caliblu was born.

Greg Velasquez

Greg has been surfing for over three decades. 

Greg has surfed in Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, Central America, Japan, and Indonesia and has worked throughout the surfing industry for years.

"Surfing has contributed to my life: great health and a positive outlook to each day. Friendship and comradery are why I enjoy sharing my experience with others."

Paul Bonser

Paul is a SoCal native and now calls Laguna Beach home. He lives for his loves: 

Surfing, playing the bass and guitar, riding mountain bikes, hiking, and sharing his love for the ocean and nature in all its forms. 

"Happiness is doing what you love and I am truly happy."

Sean McKean

Sean was born and raised in SoCal. As an avid surfer, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his lessons.

"I love seeing people ride their first wave. There really isn't anything better than sharing that feeling with my students."

In his spare time, Sean volunteers at Best Day, an organization that offers special-needs kids an opportunity to tandem surf and body board.

Eric Strobel

Eric is a lifelong surfer and decided to take his East Coast skills to the West Coast.

With a one-way ticket to Southern California, Eric came to the West Coast and never looked back. He now enjoys sharing his passion for surfing with others.

"I'm just living the dream and wake up everyday happy to share the joy of surfing."

Angie Rivera

Angie is a native of Huntington Beach and started surfing almost 20 years ago on the Huntington Beach High School surf team. After graduating Angie spent a couple of years competitively surfing and now enjoys surfing just for fun again.

Angie has surfed in San Diego, Hawaii, and up and down both coasts of the USA. She calls HB home again but now with her husband and beautiful daughter. 

"Do what you love, love what you do...Do Be do BE Dooo."

Kevin Sullivan Huntington Beach Surf Instructor

Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan learned to surf in the mid-1970s at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

The Beach Boys at Waikiki made a big impression on him. They were laid
back, but also very disciplined and that is what surfing requires. Those early
lessons remain with him and are part of what he enjoys passing on to others.

An artist and musician, Kevin enjoys surf music, surf wagons, and Hawaiian
cuisine. He grew up surfing in Northern California but has also surfed the
East Coast, parts of Europe and Mexico, and now instructs in Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach Surf Lesson Instructor Micah Wright

Micah Wright

Growing up in a large family of surfers along the Southern California coastline being in the ocean comes naturally to Micah. After finishing university as a photographer he began to travel the world as a travel photographer for Lonely Planet, Getty Images, and many other publications.

No matter where Micah was he always found himself drawn back to the beach. Often at these remote beaches he would teach surf lessons or photograph surf schools. He has surfed in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Hawaii, Fiji, Indonesia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, and South Africa.

Returning home from his most recent travels and he was excited to find the opportunity to teach surf lessons at his home breaks with Caliblu.

Book a lesson today and check out Micah's photography and travels at www.mwrightgallery.com or Instagram @WRIGHTONTHEROAD.

Huntington Beach Surf Lesson Instructor Brian Guess

Brian Guess

Farmer by day and surfer by weekend. Brian grew up surfing the many breaks of Orange County from Laguna Beach all through Newport and up into Huntington Beach. Farming along the coast has allowed him to surf the diverse landscape of California’s waves from the punchy barrels of Salt Creek to the mellow rollers of Malibu. The trade winds have blown him on surf trips and epic adventures to the North Shore of Hawaii, Costa Rica, Samoa, Baja and Mainland Mexico.

“Surfing has been a true blessing in my life and any chance to share the stoke I’m on it”