Surf lessons Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Surf Lessons

Looking for the best surf lessons in Huntington Beach?

We have staff that specializes in first-time surfers looking to have the best possible surfing experience their first time out in the water. 

Here at Caliblu, we have special "first-time surfboards" that are much bigger and thicker than what most other surf schools will put you on. This allows you, "the surfer", to have a much easier time standing up and actually "surfing" instead of trying to learn the difficult techniques of balance and paddling that can take most of your surfing experience and turn it into nothing more than a glorified workout! 

After providing 1000's surf lessons in Huntington Beach to locals and visitors, we know what matters! 

We'll get you up and surfing on your first lesson! 

Huntington Beach Surfing Lessons

surf lessons huntington beach

What can I expect during my surfing lesson with Caliblu?

After booking your lesson you'll receive a contact to confirm the appt and other details. 

You'll be provided the details of the lesson with driving and parking instructions and a few other details for your surf lesson. 

Look for the giant learn to surf sign and you'll be ready throw on your wetsuit, grab a board and begin instruction with learning to surf! 

Learn to surf in Huntington Beach

learn to surf in huntington beach

Caliblu surf lessons Huntington beach

Once you have arrived at your surf lesson (this is where the fun starts)

Depending on the type of lesson you've booked, you'll either begin your surfing lesson by being grouped up with other new surfers or with your own private group surf lesson, or if you've booked a private one-on-one surf lesson, your personal surf instructor will be ready and waiting to help you with your wetsuit and board and to personally guide you through all the necessary steps to prepare yourself to learn to surf. 

Learning to surf in Huntington Beach

As you can see in the image below, you'll get personal instruction from one of our experienced surf instructors about proper stretching, paddling and basic ocean knowledge that will help you to have a better time during your first surf lesson with us! 

Surfing is much easier than many people will lead you to believe! 

With proper technique and instruction, most people we provide surfing lessons to are up and riding within their first surfing lesson! 

surfing lessons huntington beach

Our professional surf instructors are skilled and patient. Here at Caliblu, we understand that not every person is going to be confident in the ocean but we pride ourselves on taking the time to provide every surfing lesson with everything they need to get out and ride waves during their first surfing lesson with us! 

Below you can see some additional exercises each surf will go through prior to paddling out with us and learning to surf. 

By going through these exercises you'll be able to have an immediate understanding of basic surfing techniques which will give you a great start to paddling the surfboard, riding your first waves and learning to surf!!!!

huntington beach surf lessons

 Huntington Beach Surf Lessons 

Your first "paddle out" surfing lesson

Here at Caliblu, we know that taking that first plunge into the ocean can be the most exhilarating feeling you'll ever take on your journey to learning to surf. 

Our location at tower 25 (inside Bolsa Chica state beach) often has softer waves that break closer to shore which is the perfect set up for new surfers learning to surf their first time. 

During your surf lesson, your dedicated private or group surf instructor will be right with you, helping you and guiding you to have the best surf lesson and experience possible! 

learning to surf in huntington beac

Surf School Huntington Beach

Your surf instructor or instructors (depending on lesson type)  will be by your side helping you catch waves and learn to surf properly your first time with us!


surf school huntington beach surf lessons 

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